Menu (Take Away & Delivery)*

Popular Appetisers includes salad and mint sauce.

Lazeez Platter for 2 £7.95 or 4 £14.95

(A selections of chicken tikka,onion bhaji,stuffed mushroom & sheek kabab.)

Onion Bhaji £2.95

Lamb / Chicken or Vegetable Somosas £2.95

Chicken Tikka £3.75

Lamb Tikka £3.75

Tandoori Chicken £3.75

Sheek Kebab £3.75

Shami Kebab £3.75

Chilli Paneer Tikka £3.75

Prawn Cocktail £3.75

Reshmi Kebab £4.50

Prawn Puri £4.50

Garlic Mushroom Puri £3.75

Chicken or Aloo Chatt £3.75

Chicken Pakora £3.75

Stuffed Mushrooms £3.75

Stuffed Roasted Pepper £4.95

(choose from chicken, lamb or vegetable)

King Prawn Puri £5.50

King Prawn Butterfly £4.95

Exclusive Appetisers includes salad and mint sauce

Calcutta Chilli Chicken £4.50

Selected chunks of succulent chicken tikka covered in a spicy batter and then deep fried and covered in a variety of chillies, finely sliced peppers and onions.

Salmon Tikka £5.50

Chunks of delicate pan fried salmon fillet that have been marinated with a selection of complementing spices.

Tikka Variety £5.50

A unique combination of chunks of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab that are tossed gently in a combination of herbs and served in a tasty onion and green pepper based sauce.

Goan Murgh Tikka £4.50

Coconut, crushed mustard seeds and curry leaf are infused into the tikka marination process. While cooking, the chicken is glazed with tamarind and then served with a mixed pepper and spring onion relish.

Spicy Lamb Chops £5.95 (3 pieces)

Lamb Chops prepared with a highly spiced marinade and expertly cooked to deliver mouth watering rich spicy flavours

Mixed Snacks £7.95 for 2 or £14.95 for 4

Selection of Onion Bhaji, Vegetable Somosa, Chicken Pakora and Cheese Ball

Tandoori Oven Classics Main dishes

includes salad and mint sauce

Chicken Tikka £7.95

Lamb Tikka £8.95

Half Tandoori Chicken £7.95

Panner Shaslick £6.95

Chicken or Lamb or Shaslick £8.95

Salmon Tikka £12.95

Tandoori King Prawns £12.95

Tandoori Mixed Grill £11.95

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken, sheek kebab with a plain naan

Zall La'Zaaz Special Sizzler £12.95

Diced chicken, lamb & king prawn marinated in green chillies, naga, garlic, ginger, fresh mint & Lazeez herbs 

simply delicious


HOME DELIVERY (minimum order £15)

(Delivery charge - £1.50)

(NN6 & NN7 charge is £2.50)

TAKE AWAY (10% discount on collected orders over £20)






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(01604) 622228 / 622998

Continental Dishes

Served with fried mushroom, onions, peas and tomato

Omelette & Chips £5.95 (cheese, mushroom, chicken or prawn)

French Fried Chicken & Chips £5.95

Chicken Nuggets & Chips £5.95

Scampi & Chips £6.95

Chips £1.95

Vegetarian Side Dishes

Bombay Potatoes £2.95         (main - £5.50)

Aloo Gobi £3.50                      (main - £6.50)

Mushroom Bhaji £2.95           (main - £5.50)

Sag Aloo £3.50                       (main - £6.50)

Cauliflower Bhaji £2.95          (main - £5.50)

Sag Paneer £3.50                   (main - £6.50)

Sag Bhaji £2.95                       (main - £5.50)

Muttor Paneer £3.50               (main - £6.50)

Tarka Dall £2.95                      (main - £5.50)

Paneer Massala £3.50            (main - £6.50)

Dall Massala £2.95                  (main - £5.50)

Chana Massala £2.95             (main - £5.50)

Bhindi Bhaji £2.95                   (main - £5.50)

Tarka Sag Dall £3.50              (main - £6.50)

Brinjal Bhaji £2.95                   (main - £5.50)

Vegetable Curry £2.95           (main - £5.50)

Vegetable Bhaji £2.95            (main - £5.50)


Steamed Boiled Rice £2.95

Basmati Pilau Rice £2.95

Mushroom Fried Rice £3.50

Egg Fried Rice £3.50

Lebu Rice £3.50

(Basmati rice with hints of fresh lemon)

Garlic Rice £3.50

Piazza Chawal £3.50

(steamed boiled rice lightly fried with spring onions)

Naga Rice £3.50

Basmati rice with very hot naga chilli.

Narial Chawal £3.50

(Basmati rice with shredded coconut)

Special fried Rice £3.50

(green peas, egg, onion)

Tikka Rice £3.50

(with shredded chicken tikka)

Keema Peas Pilau £3.50

(with minced lamb and green peas)

La'Zeez Special Rice . £3.95

Basmati rice with diced potato,

chick peas and spicy tandoori

minced lamb.


Plain Naan £2.95

Garlic Naan £3.50

Peshwari Naan £3.50

Vegetable Naan £3.50

Keema Naan £3.50

Garlic, Herb & Chilli Naan £3.50

Cheese and Chicken Tikka Naan £3.50

Garlic, Cheese & Onion Naan £3.50

La'Zeez Special Naan £3.95

With spicy tandoori minced lamb,chicken tikka and cheese

Plain Paratha £2.95

Vegetable Paratha £3.50

Keema Paratha £3.50

Tandoori Roti £3.50

Chapati £1.95


Papadom £0.60

Garlic Papadom £0.70

Onion salad £0.50

Mint sauce £0.50

Mango chutney £0.50

Garlic chilli sauce £0.50

Raitha (plain, onion or cucumber) £1.50

Curry Sauce Pot - small £2.95, Large £3.95

(Any sauce - Massala, Korma, Madras etc)

Drinks (take away & delivery selection)

Coke / Diet Coke Can £1.50

Fanta Can £1.50

Bottle of Coke £3.10

Bottle of Diet Coke £3.10

Bottle of Lemonade £3.10

Set Meal for 2 - £30.00

4 Papadoms with chutneys

Onion Bhaji, Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka Massala, Lamb Bhoona

Sag Aloo

2 Pilau Rice, 1 Plain Naan

Set Meal for 4 - £50.00

6 Papadoms with chutneys

Onion Bhaji, Chicken Tikka, Sheek Kebab, Veg Somosas

Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi, Lamb Bhoona, King Prawn Korai

Bombay Potatoes, Sag Paneer

2 Pilau Rice, 1 Mushroom Rice, 1 Plain Naan, 1 Garlic Naan, 1 Peshwari Naan


*note the prices displayed in this section are the take away and delivery prices - for Dining In prices please check the PDF document in the 'downloadable menus' section above.


Some of our dishes may contain nuts, dairy or what products - if you have an allergyor food intolerance, please inform us upon placing the order

Traditional Main Dishes

Chicken £6.95

Meat or Prawn £7.95

Mixed Vegetable or Mushroom £5.95

Chicken Tikka £7.95

Lamb Tikka  £8.95

King Prawn or Salmon £12.95

Fish Tikka (boneless white fish fillet) £8.95

Lazeez Special £12.95

(chicken tikka, lamb tikka and king prawn)

please choose your dish from below...


Basic and medium hot

Kurma (N)

Very mild, prepared with shredded coconut and cream


Fairly hot, prepared with pure lemon juice


Medium hot with a rich, dry sauce prepared with onions and tomato


Hot, sweet and sour, prepared with lentils and pure lemon juice


Medium hot, very rich and well spiced, topped with fresh tomatoes and coriander

Kashmir (N)

Mild, prepared with sliced banana and cream

Malaya (N)

Mild, prepared with pineapple chunks and cream


Fairly hot with a rich sauce that is infused with shredded coconut


Medium hot, prepared with lots of fresh spinach


Medium hot, prepared with plenty of diced, deep fried onion and coriander


Medium hot, with dried fenugreek leaves giving a bitter but not too strong flavour


Hot, sweet and sour, with a rich and well spiced sauce


Very hot with a rich sauce cooked with chunks of potato


Extremely hot and highly spiced

Royal Dishes

Chicken Tikka £7.95

Lamb Tikka £8.95

King Prawn or Salmon £12.95

Fish Tikka (boneless white fish fillet) £8.95

Mixed Vegetable £6.95

Lazeez Special £12.95

(chicken tikka, lamb tikka and king prawn)

please choose your dish from below...

Massalla (N)

Mild to medium hot, prepared with a special blend of spices

Passanda (N)

Very mild, prepared with flaked almond, shredded coconut and cream

Butter Delight (N)

Very mild with coconut, almond and a cream butter enriched sauce giving a taste of real luxury.


Fairly hot, prepared with a combination on green chillies, green peppers, tomatoes and onion


medium hot, prepared with diced onion, peppers, coriander and finished with sizzling garlic


hot & spicy host of aromatic spices, cardamom saffron & fenugreek garnished with coriander.


Cooked in a rich highly spiced pickle fairly hot sauce also crushed whole mustards seeds.


Biryani Dishes

served with a mixed vegetable curry

Chicken, Meat or Prawn £8.95

Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka or Tandoori Chicken £9.95

Mixed Vegetable or Mushroom £7.95

King Prawn £13.95

Lazeez Special £13.95

(chicken tikka, lamb tikka and king prawn)

Balti Dishes

Medium hot and rich tasting unlike other as a very unique method of cooking is used in the preparation of the Balti. Measurements are very precise with the resulting dish generating a complex flavour and aroma, best accompanied with naan bread, meaning the flavours of individual ingredients remain distinct.

Chicken, Meat or Prawn £7.95

Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka £8.95

King Prawn or Salmon £12.95

Fish Tikka (boneless white fish fillet) £7.95

Lazeez Special £12.95

(chicken tikka, lamb tikka and king prawn Mixed Vegetable or Mushroom £6.95

Sagwala Balti / Jalfrazi Balti / Dhansak Balti styles. please add £1.00

Our Signature dishes

include Pilau Rice

Dilkush Delight (N) £12.95

An exquisite mildly spiced dish that is prepared with roasted juicy chunks of supreme chicken breast. Fresh garlic and fresh button mushrooms feature in a mild and creamy sauce which is then cooked with specially selected herbs and spices.

Amwala Chicken (N) £12.95

Supreme chicken breast prepared with crushed mango and cream in a mildly spiced flavoursome sauce that is sure to please.

Murghi Paneeri (N) £12.95

A rare combination of tender roasted chicken breast and paneer. A rare mango based ingredient is used to temper the sauce along with a hint of honey, fresh cream and natural yoghurt, resulting in a tantalisingly tasty mild favourite.

Maakhon Chicken (N) £12.95

An authentic mildly spiced chicken dish in a delicate sauce that has been painstakingly prepared with butter, yoghurt cream and tomato.

Keema Peas £12.95

Lean minced lamb is carefully prepared by the chef in a process that sees a variety of selected herbs and spices to create a rich, dry medium hot sauce, to which lots of green garden peas, fresh coriander and fresh tomatoes are added.

Murghi Massallam £12.95

Succulent strips of marinated chicken breast prepared in a rich massala sauce combined with minced lamb, fresh tomato and boiled egg. medium hot.

Ginger Chicken £12.95

Roasted marinated juicy chicken prepared in a classic tasty sauce features an expertly tempered combination of ginger, garlic and coriander.

Bengal Taste £12.95

Juicy chicken tikka combined with delicious array of

ingredients, spring onions, tomatoes, green pepper, fresh naga chillies in a special home, mouth-watering dish (HOT).

Mirchi Murghi Lasaani £12.95

Chunks of tender chicken tikka, cooked in a rich and spicy medium to fairly hot sauce containing plenty of fresh garlic, fiery green chillies, fresh slices of green pepper and coriander creating a very tasty, but not too strong flavour.

Garlic or Chilli Chicken £12.95

Strips of marinated and roasted chicken cooked in a dry but highly flavoured garlic/chilli and coriander based medium hot sauce, garnished with spring onion.

Bangla Egg Curry £12.95

Strips of succulent spring chicken are prepared in a tasty, medium hot sauce that is enhanced with a few dried red chillies, diced potato, fresh tomato and boiled egg.

Tandoori Tarkari £12.95

A stunning array of classic ingredients all star in this rich and spicy curry. Tender strips of tandoori grilled chicken breast and lamb fillet are prepared alongside juicy pieces of marinated and grilled green peppers, tomato and onions which are then all added to a slowly cooked medium spiced sauce.


Xacuti Murgh or Gosht £12.95

Pronounced sha-ko-tee. Spices such as mustard seeds, star aniseed, cinnamon are roasted whole before being used to infuse the Chicken or lamb and the medium hot sauce which is complemented by a stunning combination of roasted coconut and dried red chilli - these complex flavours produce a truly stunningly flavoured dish that simply must be tried!

Jholokia Gosht £12.95

A highly spiced and extremely hot flavoured lamb speciality that is prepared using one of the hottest chillies in the world the Bhoot Jholokia chilli. The sauce is specially cooked with hints of Naga chilli, providing a fantastic fiery and tangy aroma. Please be warned that the contents of this dish are extremely hot!

Chingri Jhinga £14.95

A rare combination of king prawns, prawns and chunks of potato in a medium hot sauce with hint of lemon and finished with a fresh and tomato topping.

Seafood Salan £14.95

A rare combination of succulent chunks of salmon, grilled shell-on king prawns and white river fish fillet, fresh button mushrooms and tasty chunks of potato in a medium hot sauce with a hint of lemon and lime and finished with a fresh tomato topping.

Vendakai Kara (v) £9.95

A stunning combination of fresh okra, lentils, butter beans, fresh tomato, crushed black pepper, shredded coconut cooked with fennel seeds and mustard seeds to create an authentic medium hot vegetarian favourite.

Baingan Kasthuri (v) £9.95

A mildly spiced vegetarian curry featuring a whole host of specially selected and complementing ingredients that include fresh flash fried aubergine, lentils, chana lentils, coconut milk and curry leaves.

Hara Bhara Kufta (v) £9.95

Spinach and potato combined to create a type of Indian dumpling, which are lightly fried and added to a tomato based sauce


Tawa Dishes

The 'Tawa' is a hot iron plate commonly used in India to cook a variety of dishes & breads. Through constant use, it accumulates and absorbs this vast range of flavours greatly enhancing the cooking process. We prepare our Tawa dishes with whole roasted herbs & spices which further enhance the flavours and aroma of these dishes.

Chicken, Meat or Prawn £8.95

Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka £9.95

King Prawn or Salmon £12.95

Fish Tikka (boneless white fish fillet) £8.95

Lazeez Special £12.95

(chicken tikka, lamb tikka and king prawn Mixed Vegetable or Mushroom £7.95